Announcement from Chiqui Esteban, graphics director, and Tim Meko, senior graphics editor:

We are excited to announce that Hannah Dormido will join The Washington Post as a Graphics reporter focused on cartography.

Hannah works as a data visualization journalist at Bloomberg News, covering global politics, economics, climate change, science and technology, from the company’s Asia headquarters in Hong Kong. Before joining Bloomberg, she led the editorial graphics team for the Financial Times in Asia.

Hannah has developed a unique mapping style using hand-drawn dots and circles, which has been given the unofficial name “Dormi-dots” within the cartography community. She is very passionate about humanitarian action through cartography, creating open map data when a natural disaster strikes to assist responders helping those in need.

Hannah majored in journalism at the University of the Philippines, in her native country. Her first day will be Oct. 19, working remotely from Manila with her rescue cat Hank, a grumpy Scottish Fold.

Please join us in welcoming her to The Post.