The Washington Post has announced Personal Finance Columnist Michelle Singletary will write a new series of columns addressing misconceptions involving race and baring her personal experiences. Titled “Sincerely, Michelle,” the 10-part series will explore topics of investing, credit scores, homeownership and more from the perspective of Black Americans.

“Now more than ever, misconceptions about inequality are abundant in our communities and it is of vital importance to offer our readers information in rebuttal,” said Singletary. “We started this new series to address these fallacies, formatting them in an easily digestible letter format to debunk these myths for readers.”

Singletary’s latest installment addresses the subject of education and the misconception that Black people could earn more money if only they invested in going to college and acquiring qualifications. “It’s also helpful, dear reader, to keep in mind that it wasn’t until my lifetime that many colleges and universities opened their doors to Blacks. And even when Blacks were finally allowed in, the barriers remained.” The first column examined the notion that affirmative action gives unqualified Black people an unfair advantage, and she recounts her experience being hired at The Washington Post in a gripping episode of the Post Reports podcast. Columns will be available online every Friday and in the print edition the following Sunday.