The Washington Post today announced the launch of “What Day Is It?,” a newsletter series devoted to restoring the perception of time and developing new experiences. In this seven-day course Post audience editor Steven Johnson shows readers how to establish a semblance of normalcy by putting expert guidance to the test in his own life. Through Johnson’s personal experiments, insights from clinical psychologists and other experts will help readers conquer the skewed perception of time that the pandemic has created for many people.

"Life can feel on hold during the pandemic, making it difficult to structure a week and create routine,” said newsletter editor Kelly Poe. “This newsletter will help readers create a daily reminder to reclaim their time and avoid getting stuck in covid inertia. Readers can sign up for the newsletter at any point, whenever they feel ready to kick off their seven-day commitment to regaining their time.”

Every day for one week, Johnson spotlights a different facet of daily life and explores techniques for spending time more meaningfully. “What Day Is It?” will also feature relevant Post reporting and published studies in the field of time research. By the end of the course, readers will be equipped to reintroduce novelty and variety in this period of forced monotony.

The newsletter launched today. Sign up for “What Day Is It?," here.