The Post’s coverage of covid-19 was recognized by the Online News Association with its award for Explanatory Reporting in the Large Newsroom category.

The Post’s coverage led with a report from reporters Gerry Shih and Lena Sun on an “unidentified and possibly new viral disease in central China” in January and grew to include stories from departments across the newsroom. Through distribution of a free newsletter, a continually updated live blog, and innovative graphic visuals, like the simulation of how a virus might spread, The Post worked to keep readers informed and provided the latest news on the virus and its national and global effects.

The Post was recognized at the Online News Association’s 21st annual conference, and was also a finalist in nine other categories with a total of 12 finalists this year:

  • General Excellence: The Washington Post
  • Breaking News: El Paso and Dayton Shootings; In the aftermath of the El Paso, Tx. and Dayton, Oh. shootings, The Post obtained details of what transpired, later publishing obituaries for the victims and a graphics page that included data from The Post’s mass shooting database.
  • Video Storytelling: The Jessicas are turning 30; The project documents the lives of six people all born in 1989 and all named Jessica, the most popular name for girls that year. Throughout the video, each Jessica describes their struggles and accomplishments as they turn 30.
  • Excellence and Innovation in Visual Storytelling:
  • Newsletters: Lily Lines; A newsletter that highlights the everyday lives of women, featuring top stories about women from The Lily and The Washington Post and recommendations from The Lily team.
  • Investigative: The Afghanistan Papers; Documents over 400 interviews with insiders who shared their criticism of the war in Afghanistan, and how U.S. officials failed to present Americans with their true assessment of the war.
  • Climate Change: 2°C: Beyond the limit; This series focuses on the effects of rising temperatures around the globe, exploring just how people in some of the fastest warming locations were experiencing this change and its consequences.
  • Online Commentary: Absurd America; A series that examines American politics and cultural and environmental issues with a humorous take.
  • Feature:
    • Cruise ships kept sailing; A team of Post reporters detailed how cruise lines continued to sail despite coronavirus outbreaks happening onboard, and the consequences that followed.
    • In Hong Kong crackdown; An investigation that included more than 100 pages of guidelines from the Hong Kong police that were revealed to have been ignored during clashes with pro-democracy demonstrators.