AdWeek recognized The Washington Post on its 2020 Hot List as the “Hottest in News” for its coverage of President Trump’s impeachment trial and as the “Hottest in Social Media” for its TikTok account.

On The Post’s impeachment coverage, AdWeek writes:

The Washington Post led that coverage with steadfast reporting, a live blog and an expanded 5-Minute Fix newsletter, which went from three days a week to five and grew its audience by 69% year over year. Soon after, the Post’s political reporters adjusted to covering an unrelenting and ubiquitous pandemic in the midst of a tumultuous election year, but the outlet’s noteworthy impeachment coverage will undoubtedly be referenced for many years to help contextualize the Trump presidency.

On The Post’s TikTok account, AdWeek writes:

While reporters dig for truth in all corners of the world, Jorgenson and his team, backed by executive producer Michelle Jaconi, work to make the Post accessible and approachable to its more than 700,000 followers on the platform—many of whom are in the hard-to-reach Gen Z demographic.