Announcement from Director of Audio Jessica Stahl:

I am thrilled to announce that Maggie Penman is now the executive producer of “Post Reports.”

Maggie has been with the “Post Reports” team since its inception. She has been the team’s senior producer for the past year and acting executive producer for the past month. In those roles, she has optimized the show’s production process, and managed the show’s story budget to find a balance between daily news and ambitious features, ensuring “Post Reports” achieves a smart mix of gravity and delight in each episode to keep audiences informed and surprised.

Maggie has edited some of the team’s most powerful coverage of the past year, including the hour-long “Post Reports” special on the life of George Floyd, which built off the George Floyd’s America project, as well as The Cursed Platoon two-part series, collaborating with reporters and editors throughout the room to bring their work into audio.

Thanks to Maggie’s leadership, the “Post Reports” team was able to prepare for the arrival of the novel coronavirus in the U.S., making sure that audiences never heard a moment of disruption as we began producing the show entirely from our homes.

Maggie’s ear for great sound, dedication to creating opportunities for her team, attention to detail, and commitment to telling stories with impact will be invaluable as she leads “Post Reports” into its next phase -- as will her ability to do it all with a positive spirit that radiates throughout the team.

Please join me in congratulating Maggie and welcoming her to this new role.