Announcement from Business Editor David Cho and Technology Editor Christina Passariello:

We are excited to share that Geoff Fowler won the Gerald Loeb Award in Commentary Thursday night.

Geoff was selected for “The Secret Life of Your Data,” a series of illuminating columns on how companies use devices, web browsers and services to track your personal data. Geoff becomes the first tech writer to win in this category since 1999. In accepting the award, Geoff noted the rise of a new generation of tech columnists who seek not just to review gadgets but hold tech companies accountable for their practices.

The contest, generally considered the most prestigious awards in business journalism, also honored three other entries as finalists.

In International Business Reporting, Peter Whoriskey, Rachel Siegel, Steven Mufson and Salwan Georges were finalists for exposing how leading chocolate companies use child labor in West Africa and are ravaging its environment to grow cocoa beans cheaply.

Catherine Rampell was a finalist in Commentary for her insightful pieces on how the Trump administration has shaped the U.S. economy.

In Breaking News, Damian Paletta, Heather Long, Rachael Bade, Jeff Stein, Phil Rucker, Josh Dawsey, Felicia Sonmez, Jonnelle Marte and Robert Costa were honored for coverage of how the Trump administration’s trade war sparked a particularly turbulent week for the markets, companies and the broader economy in August of 2019.

Please join me in congratulating Geoff and our colleagues, as well as the editors, photographers, designers, and video reporters who were critical to the storytelling.