The Washington Post and Partnership for Public Service today announced the launch of the Political Appointments Tracker to follow and analyze the progress of President-elect Biden’s Senate-confirmed political appointments. The tracker, first launched in 2016, will allow readers to track more positions than ever before, and provide historical comparisons to past administrations, starting with the Trump administration, and data visualizations that reveal key confirmation and nomination trends.

Readers can track the progress of more than half of President-elect Biden’s Senate-confirmed political appointments, including Cabinet secretaries, deputy and assistant secretaries, chief financial officers, general counsels, heads of agencies, ambassadors and other leadership roles within the administration. Featuring a new design and enhanced navigation, the tracker will deliver the most comprehensive data and analysis of the political appointment process, following positions from nomination through Senate confirmation.

"We are excited to offer our readers this real-time tool to follow the progress of the Biden administration’s appointments for hundreds of key leadership positions,” said Peter Wallsten, senior politics editor at The Washington Post. “The Biden Political Appointee Tracker will also inform our reporting on the new administration throughout the transition process and into the president-elect's first term.”

“Since its introduction in December 2016, the appointee tracker has played a key role in providing the public with up-to-date information about the nomination and confirmation status of nominees for critical government roles,” said Max Stier, president and CEO of the Partnership for Public Service. “The Partnership is thrilled to continue its collaboration with The Washington Post to keep the public informed about the status of important government jobs, particularly those with responsibility for distributing a COVID-19 vaccine, tackling the economic crisis and protecting the country’s national security interests.”

Readers can access the political appointments tracker here. Read the full press release from the Partnership for Public Service here.