The Washington Post has named James McAuley a contributing columnist to its Global Opinions section. Beginning this week, the Paris-based journalist and former France correspondent for The Post will write about European political and social affairs.

“For the last few years, James has done thoughtful reporting that has vividly captured the cultural and political tensions shaping the identity of France and Europe. We’re thrilled to bring readers his insight and analysis of the pivotal issues the continent faces, from nationalism to security,” said Elias Lopez, senior editor for Global Opinions.

McAuley has reported for The Washington Post since 2016, and has also written for the New York Review of Books. He holds a PhD in French history from the University of Oxford, where he was a Marshall Scholar. He is the author of “The House of Fragile Things,” a forthcoming book exploring the role of art and material culture played in the assimilation and identity of French Jews before World War II. He is currently at work on a biography of Edmond de Rothschild and the early Zionist movement.