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Nick Kirkpatrick named visual reporter in Graphics

WASHINGTON DC, MAY 24: The Washington Post Building at 1301 K St. NW in Washington DC, May 24, 2016. (John McDonnell / The Washington Post)

Announcement from Graphics Director Chiqui Esteban:

We are excited to announce that Nick Kirkpatrick will become a visual reporter in Graphics. In this new role, which is part of our visual expansion, Nick will report and write for visual projects led by Graphics and Design. He will weave text and visuals into strong, cohesive narratives; partner with others on graphics, photo and video-driven stories; and help research information necessary for graphics. An area of focus will be to work with other departments to create durable visual stories that help explain the news in ways that are easy to understand.

Nick has been a key member of the The Post’s Photo team for the past seven and a half years. He started as a photo editor for Morning Mix before working in Foreign. In 2017, Nick was part of the team that developed the visual storytelling format optimized for mobile that we know as STAMP.

More recently, Nick worked as photo editor for special projects and investigations. He has been the photo editor for some of our most memorable journalism, including the Afghanistan Papers series and the Global Waste project. He also worked with the Talent Network to coordinate with nine photographers on a project that showed readers what 24 hours in the life of American workers looked like during the pandemic.

Nick’s first day in Graphics will be Feb. 22. Please join us in congratulating him.