The Washington Post was honored with awards across multiple categories in The White House News Photographers Association’s 2021 Eyes of History contest.

The association named Drea Cornejo Multimedia Journalist of the Year. The Post received top awards and honorable mentions in the following categories:


January 6 Attack on the U.S. Capitol Category

First Place - Bill O'Leary

Picture Story/Feature Category

First Place - Salwan Georges

Inauguration 2021 Category

Third Place - Matt McClain

Picture Story/Politics Category

Third Place - Melina Mara

Award of Excellence - Matt McClain

Award of Excellence - Salwan Georges

Portrait/Personality Category

Award of Excellence - Salwan Georges

Campaign 2020 Category

Award of Excellence - Salwan Georges

Pictorial Category

Award of Excellence - John McDonnell

On Capitol Hill Category

Award of Excellence - Jabin Botsford

Domestic News Category

Award of Excellence - Astrid Riecken


Drea Cornejo was named Multimedia Journalist of the Year for her gripping portfolio of work illustrating the impact of the covid-19 pandemic and the aftermath of George Floyd’s death.

News Story Category

First Place - Whitney Leaming and Ashleigh Joplin: “N.J. EMTs battle fear and fatigue in the fight against coronavirus"

Second Place - Jorge Ribas, Ashleigh Joplin and Lindsey Sitz: “On the sixth day of D.C. protests, a sense of family, community and music"

Third Place - Whitney Leaming and Whitney Shefte: "How a night of protest turned deadly in Kenosha"

Award of Excellence - Rhonda Colvin and Lindsey Sitz: "What it was like to report from a Capitol under siege

Continuing News and Issue Reporting Category

Second Place - Whitney Leaming, Jon Gerberg and Whitney Shefte: “After nights of violence in Minneapolis, locals take up arms to defend their community

Politics Story Category

First Place - Kate Woodsome and Joy Sharon Yi: "Political tribalism makes these Americans nervous. We asked them why."

Second Place - Joy Sharon Yi, Kate Woodsome and Danielle Kunitz: “U.S. Capitol attack: How Trump’s rally turned into a riot

Feature Story Category

Second Place - Joy Sharon Yi, Kate Woodsome, David Sung and Danielle Kunitz: “This is why the media should not replay viral videos of black men being killed

Third Place - Erin Patrick O’Connor, Geoff Edgers and Tom LeGro: “Sinead O’Connor’s life and career fell apart. Now on tour, she’s trying to piece them back together.

Documentary or Series Category

First Place - Lindsey Sitz, Sarah Hashemi and Jesse Mesner-Hage: "How a Black autistic man is serving 10 years in prison for a car crash"

Second Place - Luis Velarde, Drea Cornejo, James Pace-Cornsilk, Jayne Orenstein, José Martinez and Mauricio Villa: “How one visa program keeps America fed

Third Place - Erin Patrick O’Connor and Tom LeGro: “Coronavirus killed his only son. Four days after the funeral, he was back at work.

Explainer Category

First Place - Kate Woodsome, Danielle Kunitz and Joy Sharon Yi: “Why is the U.S. so politically polarized? A neuroscientist and political scientist explain why.

Second Place - Danielle Kunitz and Kate Woodsome: “Trump warns of voting fraud, but ballot flaws are a real problem we can fix now

Third Place - Joy Sharon Yi and Danielle Kunitz: “How voter intimidation and suppression have evolved since the 14th Amendment

Award of Excellence - Jorge Ribas: “A dad searches for answers for working at home with kids

Best Multimedia Package Category

First Place - Zoeann Murphy and Rhonda Colvin: "‘We’ve been failed’"

Third Place - Whitney Shefte, Jorge Ribas, Jesse Mesner-Hage, Reem Akkad, Brian Monroe, Ryan Rumery, Madison Walls and Libby Casey: “America’s pandemic: After decades of warning, a failed response

The White House News Photographers Association is a 96-year-old non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the efforts of Washington’s professional photojournalists. View the full list of award winners here.