Announcement from Senior Director of Audience Ryan Kellett:

I’m delighted to announce that Sophie Ho has been promoted to assignment editor, news analytics. In this role, Sophie will manage a news analytics editor and continue to be the critical bridge between the newsroom and the companywide analytics and big data teams. She will also build out our framework for tracking our largest storylines and durable content across sections and raise our overall newsroom data fluency through training and tools.

Sophie joined The Post in 2016 as an engagement editor on the Universal News Desk after a summer as an intern on Audience. She was a founding member of the Operations team, doing stints working with Financial and National/Politics in 2018. She moved to a role as newsroom audience analyst in 2019.

Sophie’s work has been foundational to the acceleration of our growth in readers and subscribers. She co-created multiple internal tools in partnership with Venkatesh Varalu’s Digital Analytics team including Author/Editor Dash. She rolled out Pulse, a tool to track our progress in converting subscribers. She was also the newsroom lead on the transition to Google Analytics last year, helping to rebuild our reporting infrastructure on the new platform. Sophie has been a thoughtful voice in strategic conversations across Audience and a terrific mentor to Audience interns as well as others in the industry.

Please join me in congratulating Sophie on her promotion.