The Washington Post today announced it has integrated Amazon Polly, giving readers the ability to listen to Post technology stories across platforms. This builds on the success of The Post’s introduction of audio articles on its Android and iOS apps last year.

“Whether you’re listening to a story while multitasking or absorbing a compelling narrative while on a walk, audio unlocks new opportunities to engage with our journalism in more convenient ways. We saw that trend throughout last year as readers who listened to audio articles on our apps engaged more than three times longer with our content,” said Kat Downs Mulder, managing editor at The Washington Post. “We’re doubling down on our commitment to audio and will be experimenting rapidly and boldly in this space. The integration of Amazon Polly within our publishing ecosystem is a big step that offers readers of our technology coverage this powerful convenience feature, while ensuring a high-quality audio experience across all our platforms for our subscribers and readers.”

To start, readers will be able to listen to Technology stories on mobile and desktop web, with more sections becoming available months ahead. Amazon Polly will also replace the text-to-speech functionality on The Post’s Android and iOS apps for stories where a Polly reading is available.

“In the coming months, we plan to introduce new features like more playback controls, text highlighting as you listen, and audio versions of Spanish articles,” said Ryan Luu, senior product manager at The Post. “We also hope to give readers the ability to create audio playlists to make it easy for subscribers to queue up stories they’re interested in and enjoy that content on the go.”

To experience The Post’s new audio articles, listen to the story “Did you get enough steps in today? Maybe one day you’ll ask your ‘smart’ shirt.”