The Washington Post today debuted Voices Across America, a new platform from Post Opinions showcasing writers from across the country who are uniquely positioned to provide on-the-ground points of view. Expanding the section’s original content, contributors will focus on the major debates of the day and timely issues affecting their respective regions and the nation.

“Building a more diverse contributor base – geographically, demographically and ideologically – is a long-running priority for Post Opinions,” said Fred Hiatt, editorial page editor for The Post. “Readers are seeking smart, compelling perspectives that they can identify with and learn from, and we are excited to create a platform that helps to meet those needs. Our writers will give voice to what is happening in various parts of the U.S., providing fresh, relevant analysis of the news.”

Voices Across America, which will have a dedicated page on The Post site, will feature perspectives on a range of issues from a regional level and with broader national significance. The platform includes a growing roster of contributing columnists based across the nation such as Lizette Alvarez in Miami, Fla., Kate Cohen in Albany, N.Y., Fernanda Santos in Phoenix, Ariz. and Bill Whalen in Palo Alto, Calif., while also hosting Post Opinions columnists such as Gary Abernathy in Cincinnati, Ohio, Perry Bacon in Louisville, Ky., Radley Balko in Nashville, Tenn., Helaine Olen in Southern California, Kathleen Parker in Camden, S.C. and David Von Drehle in Kansas City, Mo. The page will also showcase op-eds, editorials and videos that have regional significance.

Readers can access Voices Across America here.