The Washington Post today introduced, “Please, Go On,” a new weekly podcast hosted by opinion columnist James Hohmann. Every Friday, Hohmann will interview the author of one of the week’s buzziest, most compelling or most unexpected guest columns from Post Opinions. Hohmann will dissect arguments and reveal insights from guest contributors who are influencing public conversation on issues of national importance. “Please, Go On” will feature marquee names in addition to a wide range of voices from across the political spectrum.

“We often see a guest column from Post Opinions spark national and international conversations on-air, on social media and in conversations among friends and colleagues,” said Fred Hiatt, editorial page editor for The Washington Post. “Through ‘Please, Go On,’ we are inviting listeners to go deeper with the writer, pulling back the curtain on their thought process and the impact of their column.”

Hohmann was previously a national political correspondent and author of The Daily 202, The Post's flagship political newsletter. His popular feature, “The Big Idea,” which provided deep, rich analysis of a big issue each day was also turned into an audio briefing each morning.

“In a time when we all feel we have no time, I like the idea of taking people deeper in a format that lets them listen when it’s convenient for them,” said Hohmann. “The richness of audio gives people a sense of being there, hearing from the writer firsthand and understanding the nuances of their position.”

“James connects with a devoted listening audience because of his calm, good-humored skill at guiding us through complex, sometimes emotional subjects,” continued Hiatt. “His conversations with newsmaking op-ed writers are sure to uncover new insights and revelations.”

The podcast trailer can be found here. In the first episode airing June 11, Vice President Kamala Harris speaks with Hohmann about how to get women back into the workforce after the covid-19 pandemic.

Episodes publish every Friday morning and can be accessed here or wherever you get your podcasts.