Announcement from Local Editor Mike Semel, Deputy Local Editor Monica Norton and Local Editor Tim Richardson:

We are delighted to announce that Ellie Silverman is joining The Post to cover protests and general assignments in Metro.

Ellie comes to us from the Philadelphia Inquirer, where she was a breaking news and general assignment reporter. She previously covered the retail industry for the Inquirer. But many of us know Ellie from her great run as an intern on our cops and courts team in the summer of 2017.

No matter her beat, Ellie has shown remarkable versatility, generating accountability reporting, scoops and slice-of-life gems that readers love. One of those -- about the head usher at the Forrest Theatre in Philadelphia, who ensured that 200 women made it through 16 bathroom stalls during the 20-minute intermission in “Hamilton” -- went viral.

She also was the Inquirer’s lead reporter on the vaccine rollout. She learned that the group overseeing the city’s largest vaccination site failed to disclose that it had a for-profit arm that could have been selling patients’ personal information. Her work led to the resignation of the city’s deputy health commissioner.

Ellie also spent much of the past year humanizing the pandemic’s toll.

As a Post intern, Ellie showed her watchdog instincts by turning a news brief about a teenager’s death into an accountability profile of the Northern Virginia mental health facility where he died. Her most memorable work was in Charlottesville, where she covered the white-supremacist rally and its aftermath, including the first and most definitive profile of Heather Heyer’s mother.

When she’s not reporting, Ellie deletes her Twitter app and hikes, tries new recipes, plays board games and gloms onto friends’ book clubs.

We’re thrilled to have Ellie back in Metro. Please join us in welcoming her when she returns next month.