Announcement from Editorial Page Editor Fred Hiatt:

I am delighted to announce that Karen Tumulty has agreed to become deputy editorial page editor.

Anyone who has read Karen’s stellar reporting and columns, listened to her incisive commentary, or—above all—had the good fortune to know her as a wise and generous colleague will appreciate why this is such good news for our section. In her new role, Karen will continue to do some writing as she helps oversee the work of our editorial board.

Karen came to The Post 11 years ago and joined Opinions as a political columnist in 2018. Before that, she spent 15 years at Time, ending as National Political Correspondent after covering Congress and the White House. She began her career at the San Antonio Light and then spent 14 years at the Los Angeles Times.

Along the way she found time to earn an MBA at Harvard Business School. She has been the recipient of the Gerald Loeb Award for distinguished business and financial journalism, the National Press Foundation’s Edwin Hood Award for diplomatic correspondence and, while at The Post, the 2014 Toner Prize for Excellence in Political Reporting.

Most recently, she is author of the spectacular biography “The Triumph of Nancy Reagan,” which manages to be simultaneously revealing, hard-nosed, empathetic and compulsively readable.

Karen will assume her new duties upon Jackson Diehl’s retirement early next month.