Post Reports Host Martine Powers spoke with Podcast Magazine for a wide-ranging interview about her background, biracial identity, reporting experiences and the importance of deep storytelling through an auditory lens.

“Journalist Martine Powers stands by The Washington Post’s official slogan: Democracy Dies in Darkness. Therefore, she takes it upon herself to shed light on the issues that matter via Washington Post’s podcast, Post Reports.”

“A journalist at heart with a storyteller’s soul, she endeavors to “bring the energy of journalism—with a capital J—to the stories we tell,” she said... But no matter which they’re presenting, Martine says, “It’s always conversation.” “There is something about audio that provides an extra level of intimacy, humanity, and authenticity while you peel back the curtain around your topic.”

“The desire to have a personal connection with her listeners is just one of the things that sets Post Reports apart from other daily news shows, including NPR.”