Announcement from National Editor Steven Ginsberg, Deputy National Editor Lori Montgomery, Senior Politics Editor Peter Wallsten and Political Investigations Editor Matea Gold:

We are delighted to announce that Isaac Stanley-Becker is joining the National Political Enterprise and Investigative team to cover money and influence in politics.

In his new role, Isaac will scrutinize the wealthy figures and influential forces that shape politics and policy. Since coming aboard the Politics team two years ago, Isaac has demonstrated keen investigative instincts: During the 2020 campaign, he focused on disinformation and social media manipulation, exposing a troll farm operated by an affiliate of Charlie Kirk’s Turning Point USA and a deceptive ad campaign that used images of LeBron James to sow doubt about mail-in voting.

For the past six months, Isaac has been deployed to the Health team, where he documented the domestic rollout of coronavirus vaccines; broke news about the national vaccine mobilization under former President Donald Trump and President Biden; and examined the legal, political and financial forces shaping the nation's vaccination rate, as well as resistance to immunization. Isaac was a two-time intern, reporting in Washington for National in 2016 and in Germany for Foreign the following year. In 2018, while working on his doctorate in Europe, he wrote for Morning Mix.

Isaac was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Chicago and the District. He has a bachelor’s degree in history from Yale University, where he was editor in chief of the Yale Daily News, and a master’s degree and PhD from the University of Oxford. He is completing a book about the history of migration in Europe’s open zone of free movement, which will be published by Oxford University Press in 2022.

Please join us in congratulating him.