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The Washington Post launches “The 7,” a new dynamic, daily news briefing

The Washington Post today launches “The 7,” a short daily briefing, guiding readers through the most important and interesting news as they start their mornings. Published each weekday at 7 a.m. ET and updated through 10 a.m. ET, “The 7” will be available across Post products and platforms and feature news topics ranging from politics and pop culture to the latest on covid-19 and climate change.

“We are constantly thinking about how readers are accessing information and want to create exciting ways to surface news that time-crunched readers want and in ways that are easier for them,” said Coleen O’Lear, head of mobile strategy at The Post. “With a focus on how we build that habit and how we can get people caught up, this digestible format enables readers to quickly consume meaningful stories as part of their morning routine, so they can feel informed and equipped with news they can trust.”

Written by editor Tess Homan, “The 7” will take just a few minutes to read, empowering readers with the need-to-know and want-to-know information they crave. “The 7” will be available starting Sept. 7 in both text and audio formats. Readers around the country can wake up and access “The 7” on The Post’s homepage, Classic app, social platforms and in inboxes as a dedicated newsletter. App users can also choose to receive a mobile push notification when “The 7” is available; opt in under Alert Settings.