Axios’s Sara Fischer spoke with Rachel Van Dongen, editor of The Washington Post’s 202 newsletters, about the relaunch of the 202 newsletter suite, The Post’s premier lineup of newsletters covering the nation’s capital and the inner workings of Washington politics and policy. Axios reports: “The Washington Post is relaunching its 202 newsletter suite with a new email around climate, new authors and an expanded product suite. Why it matters: The redesigned products are meant to be more digestible and personality-driven, says Rachel Van Dongen, editor of the Washington Post’s 202 newsletters, the editorial franchise that delivers news for D.C. decision-makers.”

Asked how the Post will remain competitive in that space, Van Dongen said, “The biggest factor that differentiates ourselves from competitors is that we’re the Post and we have best-in-class political reporters.”
“The leadership audience is the hometown audience for the Post,” she said. “We are always looking to deepen our engagement with them. ... That audience is critical to the Post.”