The Washington Post today announced the relaunch of the 202 newsletter suite, The Post’s premier lineup of newsletters covering the nation’s capital and the inner workings of Washington politics and policy. From the West Wing to the halls of Congress to K Street, readers will have access to an expanded array of new features including exclusive interviews with key political power players, original Post graphics designed to expertly distill nuanced policy for the nation’s top thinkers and leaders, as well as a new cast of newsletter authors sourced in all things Washington.

“Since its debut, the 202 newsletter franchise has been the go-to news source for Beltway insiders, government leaders and the nation’s most politically influential,” said Rachel Van Dongen, editor of The Washington Post’s 202 newsletters. “The 202 newsletters build on The Post’s historic strength as a leader in politics and policy. With a focus on deeply engaging a core leadership audience and refining our products to best meet their daily news needs, we will continue to make these newsletters a Washington essential.”

The Post will introduce “The Early 202,” a newly adapted version of the “Power Up” newsletter, co-authored by Jackie Alemany and Theo Meyer, covering the nation’s power centers. The newsletter will pair Meyer’s deep sourcing in White House and K Street politics with Alemany’s authoritative insight into the halls of Congress to deliver the most comprehensive morning political briefing for the nation’s top leaders and influencers. “The Daily 202’s” Olivier Knox will draw on his deep expertise in Washington politics to provide expert analysis on the Biden administration, Congress and foreign policy, ensuring readers always have access to the day’s vital news.

The 202 newsletters will feature original Post graphics and visuals, providing Washington’s top leaders with easily digestible political insights and additional context, complementing each newsletter’s original reporting and analysis. Through a new reader-friendly format, readers can instantly access The Post’s exclusive reporting, as well as access additional content from an array of sources, streamlining how readers discover the day’s leading storylines and developments. Each newsletter will also prominently feature personal insights from each newsletter author, offering readers a behind-the-scenes look at the voices driving the debate in Washington.

For a deeper-dive into the key policy issues at the legislative forefront, readers can also sign up for Cristiano Lima’s “The Technology 202” for daily insight into the technology policy landscape in the nation’s capital, Rachel Roubein’s “The Health 202,” for a daily tipsheet examining the key story lines dominating the health-care debate in Washington and Joseph Marks’s “The Cybersecurity 202,” for an in-depth guide to cybersecurity policy. Readers can also experience “The Climate 202,” an expanded version of “The Energy 202” newsletter, authored by Maxine Joselow, a veteran journalist, deeply-sourced in climate change politics and policy.

Sign up to receive “The Early 202,” “The Daily 202” and the full suite of 202 newsletters here, accessible across desktop and mobile devices.