Announcement from Creative Director Greg Manifold, Deputy Design Director Amy Cavenaile and Deputy Design Director Brian Gross:

We are excited to announce that contractor Anna Lefkowitz, who has been with The Post since May, is joining the design team full-time to work on our curated platforms – including the Select app, Instagram and newsletters.

Anna has previously worked at AARP, where she created social media graphics for @AARPAdvocates. Before that, she spent two years at creative agency Artemis Ward as an associate interactive designer. During college, she interned at USA Today’s Social Media Visuals Department and at the World Resources Institute’s Human Resources and Communications Department.

Anna is a graduate of American University and has a degree in foreign language and communication media with a focus in Spanish translation and journalism.

In her free time, she loves traveling, watching football and fútbol, taking spin classes and drinking Diet Coke.

Please join us in congratulating Anna on her promotion to full time beginning Oct. 11.