Announcement from National Editor Steven Ginsberg and America Editor Simone Sebastian:

We are excited to announce that Karin Brulliard and Joanna Slater have joined the America desk as national correspondents, adding to The Post’s continued expansion across the United States. Karin is based in Colorado and Joanna in Massachusetts.

Joanna and Karin are the latest reporters to join The Post’s growing presence beyond the Beltway, following Holly Bailey and Tim Craig, who recently established new posts in Minnesota and South Florida, respectively. Our roster of national reporters carry front-line responsibilities for covering breaking news in their regions while also concentrating on themes relevant to the nation as a whole or on special projects.

Amanda Erickson, a former deputy campaign editor, also has joined the desk to help oversee the new regional correspondents as a deputy editor. With reporters also stationed in California, Kansas and Texas, the America desk is positioning The Post to respond to news affecting Americans nationwide with greater speed and awareness.

Since joining The Post in 2003, Karin covered immigration and criminal justice in the D.C. area before becoming a foreign correspondent in South Africa, Pakistan and Israel and later deputy Foreign editor. In 2016, she launched The Post’s popular Animalia blog and broke a story on the Trump administration’s flagging oversight of animal welfare.

Karin will focus on debates over public land use, the movement for Native American rights and the impacts of climate change on the Rocky Mountain region. An Oregon native, Karin will also bring her passion for wildlife issues to our coverage of the American West.

In the Northeast, Joanna will focus on the increasingly polarized world of state politics, profiling the political figures driving the agendas and chronicling how statehouse decisions are impacting Americans’ lives and national policy debates.

A longtime foreign correspondent, Joanna joined The Post as the India bureau chief in 2018, culminating with her coverage of the crushing effects of the coronavirus surge there. She also wrote about how spyware was used to infiltrate cellphones of journalists and an adviser to a political opponent of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Before coming to The Post, Joanna was a foreign correspondent for the Toronto Globe and Mail, where she covered U.S. presidential campaigns and multiple mass shootings. In 2015, she was named Journalist of the Year by the Canadian National Newspaper Awards for her coverage of the European refugee crisis.

The Post’s newest national beats also include Minneapolis, where Holly moved last summer to cover the murder of George Floyd and the uprisings that followed. Her reporting was instrumental to The Post’s award-winning “George Floyd’s America” project, which detailed how systemic racism shaped Floyd’s life.

Holly joined The Post as a political reporter in 2019 after covering the George W. Bush and Obama presidencies for Newsweek, and Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign for Yahoo News. She has reported from the scenes of mass shootings, extreme weather disasters and the Boston Marathon bombing. As The Post’s Upper Midwest correspondent, Holly will continue to chronicle the fallout from Floyd’s death and explore the effects of policing, crime and guns on urban life.

Tim has explored the nation’s cultural divides and covered major breaking news events as a reporter on the America desk since 2017. During his 18 years at The Post, he has led the Afghanistan-Pakistan bureau and has covered government in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. On the National desk, he has rushed to the scenes of natural disasters, mass shootings and other tragedies, including the Atlanta spa shooting last spring.

As The Post’s Southeast correspondent, Tim will explore the monumental political and demographic shifts underway in that region, focusing on two of the most politically consequential states: Florida and Georgia. He will tell the story of the nation’s culture wars as they play out through state policy debates and the political figures orchestrating them. From his post in South Florida, he also will chronicle the worsening extreme weather events that are plaguing the coast.

Amanda Erickson will help oversee The Post’s growing team of national correspondents as a deputy America editor. She joined the America desk this year after helping lead coverage of the 2020 presidential election. She started her journalism career writing political profiles as part of The Post’s WhoRunsGov site and later served as an editor for PostEverything and Outlook and a reporter for WorldViews. As National’s weekend editor, she helped manage coverage of many major breaking news stories, including the Dayton and El Paso mass shootings in 2019.