Announcement from Creative Director Greg Manifold, Deputy Design Director Amy Cavenaile and Deputy Design Director Brian Gross:

We are excited to announce that Natalie Vineberg is joining The Post’s design team to work on our curated platforms – including the Select app, Instagram and newsletters.

Vineberg comes to us from The Walrus in Toronto, where she has been designing for print and digital audiences. Over the past three years, Vineberg has served as lead designer during a website redesign, commissioned and created editorial illustrations, and contributed heavily to the growth of The Walrus’s Instagram account. Vineberg served as the creative director for her university newspaper.

Vineberg attended McGill University and earned a bachelor’s degree in both cultural studies and psychology. She also served as the creative director for the university newspaper.

When Vineberg isn’t working, she enjoys swimming and spending time in bookstores. She looks forward to going to concerts again when it’s safe to do so and hopes to get a border collie one day.

Please join us in welcoming Natalie. Her first day is Nov. 15.