Announcement from Foreign Editor Douglas Jehl, Deputy Foreign Editor Eva Rodriguez and Foreign Assignment Editor Benjamin Soloway:

We’re very pleased to announce that Claire Parker will become a staff writer on Foreign, joining a team of breaking-news writers that starts its days early and plays a key role in around-the-world handoffs that are making us a more global newsroom.

Claire is a multilingual, multi-talented journalist who has excelled in every role she has had since she first joined the newsroom as a 2019 intern. Claire spent that summer on Foreign, where she was a standout on the breaking-news team, then moved on to the Associated Press in Paris as an Overseas Press Club Foundation fellow. She spent a year in Tunisia studying Arabic and freelancing before coming back to The Post in April as editor of the Today’s WorldView newsletter.

Foreign’s D.C. writers work in alignment with our global hubs in London and Seoul to deliver fast, varied and resonant coverage of international affairs; its mornings begin with a handoff from London. The team also works closely with our international correspondents and regional editors, filling gaps in global coverage and delivering clear, timely and accessible versions of explanatory journalism that help readers understand world news.

Even as a Today’s WorldView editor, Claire has continued to write about foreign affairs, producing a memorable newsletter column on the world after 9/11 and producing outstanding breaking news and explainers on a broad range of subjects including the U.S. pullout from Afghanistan.

Claire is a graduate of Harvard University, with a B.A. in social studies and a minor in Middle Eastern studies. In addition to English, she speaks French and Modern Standard Arabic. She will pivot full-time to the breaking-news job as soon as her newsletter successor is in place. Please congratulate Claire on her new role.