Announcement from Newsroom Creative Director Greg Manifold, Deputy Design Director Brian Gross and Emerging News Products Team Deputy Design Director Amy Cavenaile:

We are excited to announce that Christian Font has been promoted to design editor.

Christian has been an art director for the Magazine since 2016. He was the lead designer on the Prison Issue, commissioning and art directing current and former inmates to illustrate the stories. The issue was recognized with The Post’s first Ellie at the 2020 National Magazine Awards.

Christian blends elegantly crafted typography with creative use of negative space, achieving impact on covers and digital displays by turning down the volume and letting strong visuals step forward. Notable examples include the pandemic issue, which combined spot color with black-and-white portraits; a travel story on journeying to Trump properties around the world; a special issue on how to fix American democracy; and an issue visualizing the impacts of racism, which balanced the distinctive styles of nine photographers. He innovated with an animated piece on the loneliest whale in the world and a package of photos and quotes outlining calls for racial equality through the years that powerfully paired with a soundtrack.

His role with the magazine also requires coordination with production and advertising to manage space requests, frequent research and collaboration with artists, and planning print and digital story timelines with editors. He is unflappable when changes need to be made late in the process thanks to his previous experience in fast-paced news design.

Christian joined the Post in 2012, boldly elevating Sunday Metro covers before transitioning to art director for Sunday Business, highlighted by a special issue on reimagining Union Station.

Previously, Christian was the sports design director at the Sun Sentinel in Fort Lauderdale, where he worked for 12 years. He was the designer on an investigation of off-duty police officers who recklessly speed and endanger the lives of citizens that won the Pulitzer Prize for public service in 2013.

A son of Argentine immigrants, Christian grew up in Miami as an obsessed sports fan. Now he lives in Brookland adjusting to life as a rookie homeowner, exploring as many coffee shops as possible and dreaming of traveling at a pre-pandemic pace.

Please join us in congratulating Christian.