Announcement from Newsroom Creative Director Greg Manifold, Deputy Design Director Brian Gross and Emerging News Products Team Deputy Design Director Amy Cavenaile:

We are excited to promote Eddie Alvarez to design editor.

Eddie has taken a leading role in Arts for the Design department over the past several years, coordinating with editors on displays, art directing special issues, pitching ideas and planning large projects. Examples of his outstanding work include the new rock stars of comedy, a photo shoot in New York for Sesame Street turning 50, the annual Christmas search game, a seven-part series for keeping a wellness sketchbook, the best of 2020 arts coverage with animated typography, and the weather in art conversation between an art critic and a meteorologist.

Although his focus has been features, Eddie has continued to work in news sections, regularly handling A1. He started at The Post in late 2015 as a sports designer and made an immediate impact by art directing and animating the 2016 NFL preview in the style of 8-bit video game characters.

Eddie has consistently pushed to emphasize digital skills and helped support colleagues with in-house training. In 2018, Eddie designed the UNESCO World Heritage project, which included an augmented-reality experience, and more recently he combined illustration and animation for the defining tweets of the Trump presidency.

Eddie previously worked at Gannett’s Asbury Park Design Studio as sports team leader overseeing 12 designers and 15 publications. He graduated from the University of Miami with degrees in painting and graphic design. He lives in Ellicott City with his wife, Jackie; their two children, Kylie and Adrian; and Vinnie, a ferocious toy poodle. He enjoys creating art, reading and ranting about the New York Jets.

Please join us in congratulating Eddie.