The Washington Post today announced that author and illustrator John Paul Brammer will join the Opinions section as a contributing columnist, effective immediately. Brammer will write on issues pertaining to culture and identity, while also often including illustrations within his columns.

"We are pleased to welcome J.P. Brammer to our growing roster of contributing columnists hailing from different locations and backgrounds,” said Fred Hiatt, editorial page editor at The Post. “J.P.'s insightful, humorous writing and beautifully executed illustrations have already become familiar to our readers, and we're excited to be able to provide them with more.”

Brammer grew up in rural Oklahoma and is now based in Brooklyn. He runs the popular advice column ¡Hola Papi! on Substack and published a memoir-in-essays of the same name with Simon & Schuster in June 2021. His work has appeared in multiple outlets including The New York Times, Guernica, Food & Wine and the Guardian.