Announcement from Local Editor Mike Semel and Deputy Local Editor Monica Norton:

We’re thrilled to announce that Adam Kushner will become The Post’s next education editor.

During his seven years as editor of Outlook, Kushner oversaw a wide range of ideas journalism — conversation-starting analyses on nearly every topic, moving personal essays, and Carlos Lozada’s Pulitzer Prize-winning book criticism. He made Outlook and PostEverything must-reads for subscribers and new readers.

Outlook told readers about Liberty University’s culture of fear, the persistence of 12-year-old marriages in America, the places where slavery reparations are already happening and the way President Trump changed the internal politics of several nations. Kushner published Tim Gunn on the lack of plus-sized designers, Woodward and Bernstein on modern-day echoes of the Saturday Night Massacre, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on Colin Kaepernick, a refugee on her precarious path from Damascus to Baltimore, the defenestrated head of the White House pandemic office, a Palestinian whose home was demolished as an act of retribution and the tale of a woman who drove her Mercedes to pick up food stamps.

Kushner is taking over leadership of the education team at a time when schools are in the middle of the nation’s culture wars and, as the Virginia gubernatorial election showed, a crucial political issue. The nation’s schools also are struggling to come back from remote learning and closings due to coronavirus. Kushner’s leadership experience and font of ideas make him ideally suited to run this excellent team.

Kushner grew up in New Orleans, studied antiquity at Columbia University and lives with his wife and three boys in Bethesda. Previously, he was a managing editor at The New Republic, a foreign editor at Newsweek, and the executive editor of National Journal. He first came to the Post in 2014 to create PostEverything, which soon became part of Outlook.

Please join us in congratulating him. His first day will be Nov. 29.