Announcement from Executive Editor Sally Buzbee and Managing Editors Cameron Barr, Tracy Grant, Krissah Thompson and Kat Downs Mulder:

For more than four years, The Lily has elevated the voices of millennial women with its innovative storytelling, stunning visuals and distinct newsletter and Instagram feed. The award-winning site complements existing coverage areas in The Post’s newsroom and, notably, attracts a diverse, young audience. Now, we want to better infuse that coverage into our core news experience. To that end, in late January, The Lily will no longer be a separate publication, and we have already started featuring its beautifully illustrated and unique style of reporting on The Post’s homepage and across the site.

This has been an informative experiment in creating a standalone product and taking a visual approach to storytelling relevant to the lives of millennial women. Since The Lily’s launch, we have learned a lot about our audience and the features that delighted readers most, and we plan to apply those lessons to other topics. The staff that has powered The Lily will take on assignments in Features and National. Members of the team will also curate a new gender and identity landing page, helping our readers more easily discover the breadth of gender and identity coverage that The Post offers and showcasing reporting from writers across the newsroom including Emily Wax, Caroline Kitchener, Casey Parks and more and commentary from gender columnist Monica Hesse.

In Features, The Lily Lines newsletter and The Lily’s social media accounts will remain, retaining their signature look and focus. Features Executive Editor Liz Seymour will also build cross-departmental collaboration on the subject of gender, bringing together editors and reporters from Features, Local and National to foster significant projects and increase the cohesiveness of our coverage on this vital topic.

As a Features assignment editor, Lena Felton will continue to oversee the newsletter and social accounts and curate coverage for the new gender landing page, while assigning and editing stories on a broad range of topics in Features and working on the cross-departmental projects. She will report to Liz.

Anne Branigin will continue to write stories for The Washington Post and for the Lily Lines newsletter, covering issues related to gender and news that is critical to the lives of millennial women.

Multiplatform editors Janay Kingsberry and Hannah Good will build on the work they have done to spearhead The Lily’s audience-first strategy on social platforms, including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. They will write, edit and curate the twice-weekly newsletter and contribute to other social and newsletter projects in Features.

Anne, Janay and Hannah will continue to report to Lena.

Reporter Caroline Kitchener will move to the National Politics team, where she will cover the political fight over access to abortion leading into the midterm elections. In her nearly three years reporting for The Lily, Caroline has deftly covered the debate over abortion access, published an investigative piece on how the personal beliefs of OB/GYNs can affect care and delved into the side effects of birth control.