Announcement from Deputy Managing Editor Mark W. Smith and Chief Product Officer and Managing Editor Kat Downs Mulder:

We are thrilled to announce that Bryan Flaherty is being promoted to Editor, SEO and Operations. In this new position, he will lead the newsroom’s search engine optimization efforts and manage our team of operations editors.

Bryan will work to quickly expand and fortify the newsroom’s SEO strategies. He’ll build training programs and partner closely with newsroom editors in efforts to meet this growing audience. He will also be the newsroom’s main conduit to The Post’s Product team on search strategies as we work to build new templates and technologies to increase our reach.

This role also gives the operations editors – our team of embedded digital strategists – additional leadership and support that will accelerate our growth efforts across the newsroom.

Bryan joined The Post in 2011 as an editor with Reach for the Wall, a sports vertical focused on swimming. In Sports, he became a multiplatform editor and eventually a digital night editor before joining Audience in 2019 as the section’s operations editor. Bryan also spent time in 2020 with Local, filling in on operations duties during the early phase of the pandemic.

In April, Bryan was promoted to a senior operations editor in Features and given oversight of our editorial SEO efforts. In Features, Bryan has been a key partner on several successful launches in the past year, including with Mitch Rubin on The Home You Own and Christine Loman on maximizing the reach of Carolyn Hax.

Please join us in congratulating Bryan. His first day was Monday.