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The Washington Post expands award-winning Visual Forensics team

Visual Forensics (The Washington Post)

The Washington Post today announced a significant expansion to its Visual Forensics team, adding six positions on the Video, Graphics and Investigative desks. The Visual Forensics team, led by executive producer Nadine Ajaka, uses cutting-edge technologies to locate, verify and analyze open-source, on-the-ground videos from major news events, providing readers around the world with a closer examination of how complex news moments unfolded. The team also works closely with the Graphics and Photo staffs to present and analyze video in breaking news situations, leading the industry visual verification and authenticity.

The Visual Forensics team has distinguished itself with its contributions to The Post’s duPont award-winning coverage of the June 2020 crackdown on Lafayette Square, its video investigations on January 6 and its ability to react quickly to today’s most urgent topics and conduct form-agnostic investigative reporting primarily based on open-source visuals. The Visual Forensics team plays an integral role in the newsroom’s coverage across the board.

The job openings include:

· Senior Producer, Video

· Video Reporters (2)

· Motion Graphics Reporter

· Investigative Researcher

· Designer

Postings will soon follow for the final two Visual Forensics roles in Design and Investigative.