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Adweek: Washington Post’s New Slate of Columnists Will Reel in Its Younger Audiences

Sahaj Kaur Kohli, Damon Young, Elaine Welteroth and Jules Terpak. (Sam Hall Media,Martha Rial,Joshua Kissi and Jakob Terpak/for The Washington Post; Washington Post illustration; iStock)

The Washington Post is giving readers more ways to get the relatable advice they’re searching for by introducing columns from Brown Girl Therapy’s Sahaj Kaur Kohli, TikTok content creator Jules Terpak, award-winning journalist Elaine Welteroth, and author and columnist Damon Young. Phoebe Connelly, the director of next generation audiences at The Post, gave Adweek an inside look on the expansion of advice offerings helping to reach a younger audience.

From the story:

“Neema Roshania Patel, our Next Gen editor, worked with our features team to build out a really thoughtful slate of experts,” said director of next generation audiences Phoebe Connelly. “The Post is about thoughtful, approachable expertise. These columnists will bring that to every answer they give.”

The publisher is maximizing its diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, including teens through mid-20s ages. Connelly told Adweek that using the publisher’s research on what the audience wanted from news organizations, it found younger audiences “want to see their experiences and the experiences of their peers reflected in the journalism they consume” as well as utility, information and knowledge applicable to their lives.

The publisher also doubled its traffic to advice columns last year, according to The Post, making it “a natural place to invest,” Connelly said.