New subscribers will receive benefits from both The Post and Headspace, thanks to a new partnership. (John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

What is the partnership with Headspace?

The partnership is two separate offerings:

We’ve created a subscription bundle that allows new subscribers to The Washington Post to purchase an All-Access Digital Subscription for $70 for the first year (normally $120 a year) that will include a separate 12-month subscription to Headspace (regular subscription price $69.99 a year).

In addition, we have an editorial partnership. Our Well+Being team has worked with Headspace teachers to create three-minute meditations for Washington Post readers. And Post reporters are sharing reporting and expertise on the Headspace app. Everything published on The Post has gone through our usual editorial workflow and standards. Headspace does not have editorial discretion for content appearing in the Well+Being section of The Post.

What is the editorial partnership and where can I find it?

The Washington Post, an award-winning news leader with the mission to inform and empower readers, and Headspace, a global leader in mindfulness and meditation, are leaning into our respective areas of expertise to help our users.

Beginning this month, the Headspace app will host an expert guidance video featuring Washington Post reporter Amanda Morris as part of Headspace’s “The Wake Up,” a daily video show to help members build a mindful morning routine by prompting them to take a step back from hustle culture.

Coming later this March, Washington Post columnist Gretchen Reynolds will join Headspace’s popular daily mindfulness podcast, “Radio Headspace,” as a guest host and share her insights on wellness with Headspace members around the globe.

Additionally, readers will be able to meditate with their favorite Headspace teacher through exercises on The Washington Post’s Well+Being section, both online and in The Washington Post app.

Is this sponsored content?

No. All of the content created in this partnership has been assigned, edited and published in accordance with The Washington Post’s editorial standards.