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Climate Coach wins Best Newsletter at WAN-IFRA Digital Media Americas Awards

Announcement from Director of Newsletter Strategy Elana Zak, Climate and Environment Editor Zachary A. Goldfarb and Deputy Climate and Environment Editor Juliet Eilperin:

We are pleased to announce that our new Climate Coach newsletter won the Best Newsletter category for the WAN-IFRA Digital Media Americas Awards.

As climate change heats up the planet, many of us are wondering: What can I do? To help our audience answer this question, The Washington Post launched the Climate Coach column and newsletter in January 2023.

Helmed by Michael Coren, Climate Coach is The Post’s first climate advice email product and currently its primary newsletter for the vertical. (It joins the Climate 202 among our roster of climate newsletters).

The newsletter, sent twice a week, joins a column published Tuesday mornings. The newsletter tackles issues ranging from how Americans still use their appliances like it’s 1970 to why lentils are the perfect food to battle climate change to the miraculous qualities of dirt.

The newsletter incorporates a friendly and conversational tone (including Michael ending many newsletters with a photo of his dog Miska) and also regularly features reader-submitted questions to create a sense of community while tackling big climate topics. It also uses charts, gifs and other whimsical art elements to break up text to create a fun (and easy) reading experience that can be enjoyed on mobile or desktop.

The newsletter has received tremendous positive feedback from readers, with dozens responding to each individual email send. Many readers have thanked Michael for the newsletter, saying it was just what they needed, while others send in helpful tips or experiences, like their favorite lentil recipes or dog photos.

The website column is often among the most-read items on The Post.

The newsletter’s success wouldn’t be possible without the important contributions of Michael’s editor, Ana Campoy of the Climate team, and the newsletter strategy team’s Sarah Dunton and Jennifer Baik. Emily Sabens plays a lead role in design, while Amanda Voisard oversees its photos.