Announcement from Business Editor Greg Schneider, Deputy Business Editor David Cho and Morning New Editor Renae Merle:

We’re thrilled to announce a pair of great additions to the Financial staff.

First, Christian Davenport is joining us from Local to cover government contracting. Chris has basically spent the past several years acquiring the perfect background for this beat. His writing about the military has spanned the full spectrum of the institution’s role in our community and in society at large, from the sweeping moral issues of the Abu Ghraib scandal to the shocking management problems of Arlington cemetery. Chris writes with both sensitivity to the human impact of decisions made by the government and a strong streak of accountability. He spent a year chronicling soldiers’ return from Iraq for his book “As You Were: To War and Back with the Virginia National Guard’s Black Hawk Battalion.” His deep familiarity with the military will help him wade into the mind-boggling world of contracting, from expensive military programs to the privatization of essential functions such as security clearances. More recently, Chris became an editor on the Local political team, and his experience leading others has given him fresh perspective on covering a high-impact beat. We can’t wait for him to get started, on Feb. 10.

We’re also excited to announce that Max Ehrenfreund is joining the Wonkblog team to take on the KnowMore franchise. It’s tempting to joke that we were looking for the one person in the newsroom younger than Dylan Matthews, but the truth is that Max is a special talent who we were lucky to find. A 2012 Yale graduate, Max worked at the Sacramento Bee and spent time with Washington Monthly before coming to the Post. Max has quickly established himself as a savvy and creative writer on Justin Banks’ social media team, and somehow even carved out time from his daily duties to report for Local on energy plant construction in Maryland. He gets the sensibility of KnowMore, and comes to the job with an impressive set of ideas about how to contribute in fresh ways to both the social vibe of KnowMore and the policy coverage on Wonkblog. Please join us in welcoming Max to the team.