Announcement from Douglas Jehl, Foreign Editor:

I’m happy to announce an expansion of WorldViews, our enormously successful foreign affairs blog.

Since its debut in October 2012, Max Fisher has anchored WorldViews singlehanded, attracting a large array of new readers to the Post’s foreign coverage. Beginning later this month, the team will expand with the addition of Adam Taylor, who as an editor at Business Insider has demonstrated his ample skill at distilling and deciphering events from around the globe.

Adam is a graduate of the University of Manchester, where he studied international politics, and the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. He interned at Time magazine and Huffington Post before joining Business Insider in 2010. With a focus that has included social media, the front page, and world news, Adam has played an important role in the site’s rapid growth and its success in gaining in attracting a wide and growing digital audience.

Adam will join The Post on Feb. 18.