Announcement from Liz Seymour, executive features editor, and David Malitz, pop culture editor: We are thrilled to announce that Caitlin Dewey, a standout on Justin Bank’s engagement team, will join Style to be its digital culture blogger.

In this position, Caitlin will immerse herself in all things native to the Web, using her expertise to illuminate and explain the culture of the Internet — who and what is creating buzz, how and why things gain traction.

Caitlin has a knack for staying on top of what’s going on in every corner of the online universe, identifying the stories and trends worth paying attention to and adding context for curious readers. Her post last week on Sochi hotel horror stories, which rounded up tweets from journalists on the ground at the Olympics, racked up more than 17.5 million page views.

She will also take advantage of the many different and effective ways to tell a story online, using creative methods to best serve both the subject matter and audience.

Caitlin joined the Post in 2012 after a year and some at Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine. As a social media reporter on Justin Bank’s team, she has sought out buzzy, shareable angles for stories across the paper, including a piece on Yelp reviews of prisons and a profile of the home cook behind the Internet’s most popular recipe. She recently started an e-mail newsletter, “Links I Would Gchat You if We Were Friends,” which curates the best of Internet culture each day.

Caitlin graduated from Syracuse University with degrees in magazine journalism and international relations and a minor in Spanish. She has also reported on immigration in eastern Pennsylvania and freelanced music reviews and personal essays for a range of publications.

She currently lives in Petworth with her boyfriend, her pasta machine and several stacks of unread magazines. She will get to them eventually.

She starts in Style in a few weeks.