Annoucement from Greg Schneider and David Cho:

We’re thrilled to announce two new members of Wonkblog: Emily Badger is joining us from The Atlantic, and Jason Millman is joining from Politico.

Some of you already know Emily, who was an intern in Sports in 2003. After pursuing a career as a sportswriter at The Orlando Sentinel, she had an epiphany: There will always be new crops of Florida State freshmen athletes, and they will always say the same things about giving 110 percent. So she did the sensible thing and quit her job and moved to Paris. She studied French, and developed a new interest in cities, urban planning and public policy. That kicked off a five-year run as a freelancer writing and blogging for a long list of Web sites, newspapers and magazines, until she settled at The Atlantic Cities blog in January 2013. She will bring her light writing touch and wide-ranging menu of urban policy interests — transportation, urban planning, sustainability, real estate and more — to Wonkblog early in March. Emily has a journalism degree from Northwestern, studied French at the Universite Paris-Sorbonne and got a master’s in creative nonfiction writing from Johns Hopkins.

Jason is a 2008 political science graduate of Boston University, where he was managing editor of the student newspaper (and somehow survived as a Yankees fan). Jason’s first job out of college was at the Hartford Business Journal — covering health care. He’s been mastering the subject ever since, working as a health policy editor for Thompson Publishing Group and reporting on the topic for The Hill before Politico. We were impressed by Jason’s ability to tackle the subject in a sharp and readable way. When the White House declined to hold anyone accountable for glitches in the Obamacare rollout, Jason wrote that four states had dismissed their health exchange directors. When the administration embarked on a push to encourage young people to sign up, Jason noticed something missing from the campaign: the individual mandate, which played poorly in polls. His deep knowledge and fast journalistic reflexes will make him a high-powered addition to the team. Jason starts March 3.

Please join us in welcoming Emily and Jason, and stay tuned as we continue building the Wonkblog team.