Announcement from National Economy and Business Editor Greg Schneider,  Deputy Business Editor David Cho, Morning News Editor Renae Merle and Economic Policy Correspondent Jim Tankersley:

We’re thrilled to announce that Ryan McCarthy is joining us from Reuters as an assistant business editor with responsibility for Wonkblog and the new data/storytelling blog.

If you’re building a world-class roster of digital brands, you hire world-class talent to help manage them. That’s Ryan. Ryan has been the deputy editor of since 2011, where he oversaw the expansion and redesign of the news service’s site and the overhaul of its content management system. He led online coverage at global events such as the London Olympics and the annual symposium in Davos, and he co-edits the Counterparties financial blog with Felix Salmon.

Before joining Reuters, Ryan created and ran the business channel at Huffington Post. There he started from scratch and built up a team of nine writers, setting a new tone for business journalism online and winning plaudits for coverage of the financial crisis and its aftermath. His roots, though, are in print: Ryan has been a senior reporter at Inc. Magazine, and just after graduating from Wesleyan University in 2000 was managing editor of the Darien News-Review in Connecticut.

Ryan has a gift for helping reporters maximize their potential online, and we expect him to play a significant role in shaping our department’s digital future. Ryan will spend most of his time, initially, working with Jim Tankersley to get the data/storytelling venture up and running. That involves creating a new kind of online destination that combines data and narrative writing to show the impact of public policy on people’s lives. Beyond that, Ryan will also help guide the evolution of Wonkblog and think broadly about our online strategy. Please join us in welcoming Ryan when he starts on March 31.