Announcement from Sports Editor Matt Vita and Deputy Editor Matt Rennie:

We are delighted to announce that Neil Greenberg will be joining the Sports department to develop and manage a new blog focused on the growing arena of advanced sports statistics. This analytics blog will be national in scope and will be news-driven, allowing us to keep buzzy sports stories and topics alive by providing them with new angles, insights and revelations. Neil is assembling a network of stats experts around the country who will be regular contributors.

Neil is no stranger to the Post. He has been a Capitals Insider blogger for the past several seasons and is a regular contributor to the NHL page inside the Sunday Sports newspaper section. He’s also been the NHL analytics expert for ESPN Insider, has a weekly fantasy hockey segment on the NHL Network’s “Hockey Unfiltered with Todd Lewis” show on Sirius XM Radio, and is a frequent guest on the Tony Kornheiser Show, 106.7 The Fan and Canadian sports radio outlets. During daylight hours, Neil has most recently been the online marketing specialist for Europ Assistance USA, a firm that specializes in crisis management for overseas travelers. He studied Economics at the University of Chicago.

Neil will be starting with us the week of April 14, and we hope to launch his blog soon after that.