A look ahead to some of tomorrow’s top talkers from Washington Post reporters and columnists who know the topics best.

PRIMARIES: A major subplot of this year’s midterm elections is the Tea Party vs. the establishment, writes political reporter Dan Balz. Reporter Matea Gold has a more comprehensive look at Tea Party fundraising for the midterms. In North Carolina, political reporter Rosalind Helderman looks at how incumbent Democrat Sen. Kay Hagan has taken the unusual step of attacking potential GOP rivals in the primary phase. See The Post’s Election Lab: 2014 midterm forecast.

UKRAINE: With the violence there increasing, the Ukrainian government moved to to regain control in the eastern part of the country and the key port of Odessa, reports Simon Denyer from Donetsk, Fredrick Kunkle from Kiev and Michael Birnbaum from Moscow. This map details the military reality of the crisis.

TARGET CEO STEPS DOWN: Financial Reporter Danielle Douglas reports on the latest fallout from last year’s massive data breach. In February, retailers warned Congress these kinds of breaches would become more common. Some experts believe these kind of breaches could be the leading edge of a wave of serious cybercrime.

KEYSTONE PIPELINE: With the Senate set to take up the issue this week, Wonkblog finds that Keystone emissions amount to a little over one tenth of U.S. cow flatulence. Energy Reporter Steven Mufson traveled the entire route of the controversial pipeline in 2012.