Andrea Iannuzzi recaps the 2014 GEN summit, including the presentation given by Cory Haik, The Post’s executive producer and senior editor of digital news:

Virtuous Example number two: The Washington Post

Though in recent years the “beacon” for the digital transformation of newspapers was undoubtedly the Guardian, I think that the Washington Post will take up the baton. Maybe for the Bezos effect, but the strategies and projects, illustrated in Barcelona by Cory Haik, are the most innovative to have been seen so far in the so-called legacy media landscape.

The philosophy is the opposite to that of Die Welt and focuses on maximum specialization. There is not just one way of doing good journalism for all platforms. Every app, every device, every mode of use by the reader requires dedicated narrative forms. The infographics designed for a vertical scroll on the screen of a smartphone; the use of Snapchat to follow events; the Googleglass worn and used by journalists to tell of the reception at the White House; a Washington Post app designed and built exclusively for the use by smartwatch; a tool called Truth Teller for real-time fact-checking of politicians’ video speeches.

Not surprisingly, the structure led by Cory Haik is called “Innovation Desk.”

Read more and see Haik’s presentation.