Here’s a look at tomorrow’s top talkers from Washington Post reporters and columnists who know the topics best.

DOWNED MALAYSIAN AIRPLANE: Michael Birnbaum is following the latest developments of the plane feared shot down by a missile in Ukraine. A review of FlightAware data shows the jet was on the same route it flew every day. In “The Dead Hand,” writer David Hoffman, mentions that former CIA director Robert Gates recalled that 1983 was the most dangerous year of the last half of the Cold War marked by the Soviet shooting down of Korean Air Lines Flight 007. David Ignatius is also writing about the sanctions. Follow live updates here. Checkpoint explores what it would take to shoot down MH17, finding you’d need an advanced anti-air missile system.

ISRAEL GROUND OPERATION: Less than a day after four children were killed by Israeli rocket attacks on a Gaza beach, the conflict has escalated with Israel ordering a ground invasion report William Booth, Ruth Eglash and Sudarsan Raghavan.

IMMIGRATION: House Speaker John A. Boehner raised doubts Thursday that Congress will be able to approve President Obama’s emergency funding request to address the growing influx of illegal migrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border before lawmakers leave Washington for their summer recess, report Ed O’Keefe and Wesley Lowery.