Announcement from Greg Schneider, David Cho, and Renae Merle:

We’re thrilled to announce that Sarah Halzack is coming back to the Financial staff to cover the retail industry.

Currently a member of the Capital Business team, Sarah has had an extraordinary rise through the ranks at the Post. After she graduated from George Washington University in 2006, she came to the Post as a news aide. She went on to freelance for Style and the obits staff; managed the budget for the Financial department; reinvented herself as a Web producer, first for the Universal desk and then for Financial; then joined Capital Business to cover the local economy and workplace issues. At Cap Biz she has also managed major Web projects, such as Post 200 and the Executive Compensation Report, and helped lead the Top Workplaces project (for which she shared the June Publisher’s Award).

Her combination of digital sensibility, understanding of the economy, clear writing and – yes – love of shopping made her the perfect person to take on the retail beat. We’re still working out Sarah’s start date, but please join us in congratulating her on her new role.