Martin Baron

From Capital New York’s Jeremy Barr:

CAPITAL: Looking at some of the new hires that the Post has made over the last several months, we’ve noticed that some of them have come from more digital, less traditional-journalism backgrounds. And a lot have come from New York. Have you sort of expanded the playing field for prospective hires?

BARON: Well, we’ve said all along with these initiatives that we have this year that the goals have been digital growth and digital transformation. In order to achieve those goals, we think we need to hire people who are fundamentally digital. They’ve sort of grown up in the digital world, they’ve written primarily for digital platforms, and that’s what we’ve been looking for. Our view is that the web is a different medium, and it calls for a different form of storytelling. These are all people who are experienced in that form of storytelling, and in many instances it’s second-nature for them, and that’s their primary form of expression. We need more of that, we want more of that. We’ve been on the hunt for people with that kind of background and that’s largely who we’ve brought in as part of these initiatives.

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