Here’s a look at tomorrow’s top talkers from Washington Post reporters and columnists who know the topics best.

AFRICAN SUMMIT: More than 50 African heads of state are in DC this week for the White House-hosted conference on trade and investment. African interests have been a popular celeb cause in Washington, according to the Reliable Source, which looks at six A-listers who’ve advocated for the continent in DC. The Obamas are also expected to host a dinner at the White House Tuesday night. WorldViews has a list of leaders who weren’t invited and Jura Koncius looks at places in DC where attendees might stay.

MIDDLE EAST LATEST: An Israeli airstrike killed a militant leader in the Gaza Strip on Monday just before Israel began a unilateral seven-hour cease-fire for large parts of the devastated Palestinian enclave, reports Sudarsan Raghavan, Griff Witte and Daniela Deane.

EBOLA CRISIS: A second American infected with the Ebola virus will leave Liberia for the United States in the early morning hours on Tuesday (Monday night Eastern Standard Time). As the worst Ebola outbreak in history unfolds in West Africa, Joel Achenbach explains how the deadly virus wreaks havoc on the human body.

JAMES BRADY: Press Secretary to President Reagan died today at age 73. He is remembered as “an enduring symbol of the fight against unfettered access to guns in American society.” Carol Leonnig covered John Hinckley’s court saga and the Brady family extensively.

MIDTERM PRIMARIES: Voters in Kansas, Michigan, Missouri and Washington are headed to the polls to pick party nominees tomorrow, according to Reid Wilson.