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Record month for The Washington Post

Announcement from Executive Editor Martin Baron, Managing Editor Kevin Merida and Managing Editor Emilio Garcia-Ruiz:

We are thrilled to announce that The Washington Post had its biggest traffic month in its history in July. The success is testament to the work being done in every corner of the newsroom and with our partners in engineering.

There were so many success stories it is impossible to name them all, but we want to mention some highlights. We delivered deep, insightful coverage of the shootdown of MA 17 and the war in Gaza. We delighted readers with accounts from the middle stages of the World Cup and covered every angle of the Silver Line opening and the McDonnell run-up and trial. We offered readers authoritative ledealls when those stories warranted them, fast-paced live blogs and a stream of videos, graphics, photos, and standalone posts for each. We broke news on everything from the NSA to a local teen sexting case.

The engineering and digital design teams worked to roll out crisp, quick-loading article pages to reach our audiences faster on mobile devices and improve performance in search. We launched Storyline with a strong run of captivating pieces for which engineering built a completely new user experience. The video team blew away its previous record for video starts in a month, creating a powerful mix of original and aggregated video. Our PostEverything editors brought in scores of distinctive pieces penned by individuals outside our newsroom, including a first-person narrative about a former food stamps recipient whose last major possession was the Mercedes she drove to pick up the stamps.

PostEverything and Storyline are, of course, just two of many new initiatives that have soared in 2014. Verticals like Morning Mix are engaging our existing audience and attracting new readers. Since the beginning of the year, we have hired more than 60 people into the newsroom and launched new verticals in health, science, military affairs, sports statistics and digital culture while bolstering some of our already successful verticals, like Wonkblog, the Fix, WorldViews, Capital Weather Gang, Early Lead, The Switch, DC Sports Bog and the Style Blog. We’ve also launched a breaking-news team to jump on the most interesting stories of the moment, and it’s off to a superb start.

It’s not just new initiatives where we are seeing audience growth. Our On Parenting vertical reached digital audience records this month, powered by a series of viral hits, including a thoughtful piece on how to raise more compassionate, kind children and a husband’s reflection on why he should never have blamed his wife for a messy house.

By all our digital measures, our performance in July easily surpassed the previous high in October 2013, which included coverage of the government shutdown.

We have much more work to do. But this is a moment to congratulate and thank all of you for the amazing work and the astounding results.