Announcement from Graphics Director Kat Downs and Deputy Graphics Director Laris Karklis:

We are excited to announce that Todd Lindeman has been named Senior Graphics Editor for Sports, effective immediately.

Todd will be working with the Sports team’s editors, reporters and designers to conceive and develop ambitious graphics. As the primary editor for graphics in the section, Todd will be looking for opportunities to build projects that captivate, surprise, and grow our digital audience. He brings a broad skillset – everything from reporting and data analysis to drawing, 3-D modeling, visualization and, recently, front-end development – that will allow him to create artful, insightful and impactful visual stories.

Over nearly nine years at The Post, Todd has distinguished himself as one of the best information designers in the business. He led the graphics effort for last year’s NSA coverage, which won the Pulitzer Prize, and has been part of some of our best work, including The Perils of Great Falls, A Swing of BeautyWinter Speed Demons, The Circular Files, and the perennial fan favorite, High Heels: A pain in the feet.